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This is the data supplement for the paper:

"Revealing the Load-Balancing Behavior of YouTube Traffic on Interdomain Links",
   V. Bajpai, R. Mok, A. Dhamdhere, and k. claffy,
   in: Passive and Active Measurement Conference (PAM), Mar 2018.

It contains two files: linked.csv and youtube.csv.gz.


The first column is the alias ID of the link. The second column is the far-side
IP of the link. Different IPs with the same Alias ID represents the same IP
alias detected by MIDAR.

youtube.csv.gz (gzip compressed):

Columns are:

<time>, <monitor name>, <video cache hostname>, <video cache IP>, <ASN>, <Near side IP>, <Far side IP>

   Unix time (UTC) when the YouTube measurement was performed.

<monitor name>:
   The name of SamKnow probes, in the format of samsboxXX,
   where XX can refer to
   for the probe's metadata.

<video cache hostname>, <video cache IP>:
   The hostname and the IP of the video cache that the YouTube test streamed
   the video data from.

   The ASN of the far-side of the interdomain link

<Near side IP>/<Far side IP>:
   The near/far side IP of the interdomain link found in the traceroute
   performed to the video cache IP immediately after the YouTube test.