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           Traceroute Probe Method and Forward IP Path Inference

  Acceptable Use Agreement

  The AUA for these data is included in pdf format as a separate file in
  the same directory as this README file.

  When referencing this data (as required by the AUA), please use:

    The Traceroute Probe Method 2008-08 Dataset,

  or reference the paper

    M. Luckie, Y. Hyun, and B. Huffaker,
    "Traceroute Probe Method and Forward IP Path Inference",
    Proc. Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), Vouliagmeni, Greece, Oct 2008, pp. 311-324, 

  Also, please, report your publication to CAIDA

  For more information about this dataset, please see the DatCat entry at


  You can analyze this data (available in the 'warts' format) with the
  sc_analysis_dump tool included in the 'scamper' distribution, which
  you can download from

  The sc_analysis_dump tool prints out information about each trace
  in an easy-to-parse textual format (one trace per line).  You would
  typically write a perl script to analyze the output of sc_analysis_dump.
  Another tool you may want to consider is the warts-dump tool, which
  is also included in the scamper distribution.  The output of warts-dump
  is somewhat less easy to parse, but warts-dump prints out practically
  all information contained in a warts file.

  Finally, you can write your analysis scripts in the Ruby language
  using rb-wartslib, an easy-to-use Ruby binding to the warts I/O
  library.  You can learn more about it at

  Ruby is a great scripting language and well worth learning for its
  own sake.  See

Files Overview

* Traceroute data for the random routed addresses list.

  There are 262k destinations.  Each destination was probed with either 3
  probing methods ("3meth") or 6 ("6meth") during the period Aug 7-16,
  2008.  The 3 methods are UDP-Paris, ICMP-Paris, and TCP port 80, and the
  6 methods are UDP, UDP-Paris, UDP-Paris DNS, ICMP, ICMP-Paris, and TCP
  port 80.

  The Archipelago monitor used is indicated with "bcn-es", "cjj-kr", etc.
  For information on monitors, see

  101936654 Aug 10 02:32
  120736106 Aug 10 03:46 trmethod-200808.3meth.cjj-kr.warts.gz
  114995829 Aug 10 07:57 trmethod-200808.3meth.hel-fi.warts.gz
  112490522 Aug 10 02:32 trmethod-200808.3meth.iad-us.warts.gz
  119760657 Aug  8 18:02 trmethod-200808.3meth.san-us.warts.gz
  103552544 Aug 13 23:11 trmethod-200808.3meth.syd-au.warts.gz
  246036773 Aug 12 17:25 trmethod-200808.6meth.cbg-uk.warts.gz
  220681074 Aug 16 01:21 trmethod-200808.6meth.nrt-jp.warts.gz

* Traceroute data for the Alexa top 500 websites list.

  The actual number of IP addresses included in the destination list is
  422, as some webservers in the top 500 have IP addresses in common with
  other webservers.  We probed each destination with 6 methods on Jan 23,
  2008.  All measurements were conducted from (which is on
  the same network as the CAIDA Archipelago monitor san-us).

     320980 Jan 24  2008 alexa-20080124.warts.gz

* Traceroute data for the random router list.

  This file contains traceroute paths from the host to 2000
  routers that appeared in a prior traceroute run conducted Jan 23-24,
  2008.  We probed each destination with 6 methods on Jan 24, 2008.

    1366635 Jan 24  2008 router2000.warts.gz

* The source code of the version of scamper used for the random routed
  addresses list.

  Note: This is not the version of scamper used for the Alexa and router
  lists--we unfortunately don't have a scamper snapshot for what we used.

     277035 Aug 22 18:26 scamper-cvs-20080808b.tar.gz

Related Datasets

Here are some other CAIDA datasets that may be of interest for topology

 * The IPv4 Routed /24 Topology Dataset

   This dataset contains traceroute paths from the globally distributed
   monitors of CAIDA's Archipelago measurement infrastructure to every
   routed /24 (7+ million).  Data collection has been ongoing since Sep
   2007.  As of Aug 2008, we have collected 1.3 billion traceroutes in
   519GB of warts files.

 * IPv4 Routed /24 AS Links Dataset

   This dataset provides AS links derived from the IPv4 Routed /24 Topology

 * skitter Topology Dataset

   This dataset contains traceroute paths from the globally distributed
   monitors of CAIDA's skitter measurement infrastructure to a variety of
   destination lists.  The skitter infrastructure was decommissioned on Feb
   8, 2008 after nearly a decade of activity, but this historical dataset
   may be of use for certain analyses.  We have XXX billion traceroutes in
   4TB of arts files.