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=====================   ipv6-20050304 ====================
        Description of data in ipv6-20050304

These files contain IPv6 topology data collected on March 4th, 2005 using
the tool scamper. We used these data to create an IPv6 Internet AS core
graph (
For more details see Macroscopic Topology Measurements project page
and scamper page

Data were collected at the following locations:

filename                        city            state           country
brisbane.warts                  Brisbane        Queensland      AU
california-1.warts              San Francisco   CA              US
california-2.warts              Fremont         California      US
czech-republic.warts                                            CZ
germany-1.warts                                                 DE
germany-2.warts                 Munich                          DE
ireland-1.warts                                                 IE
ireland-2.warts                                                 IE
ireland-3.warts                 Dublin                          IE
new-york.warts                                  New York        US
oregon.warts                    Eugene          Oregon          US
quebec.warts                    Ste-Foy         Quebec          CA
tokyo-1.warts                   Tokyo                           JP
tokyo-2.warts                   Tokyo                           JP

To parse the data files you need to download scamper's tar ball from
and use warts-dump.

======================================== ipv6-200801=========
This is the data collected as described in:

the raw data collected is in ./raw

this directory contains a cleaned up version of these traces 

cleaning up included:
- removing 0 files
- removing non-warts files
- renaming files for ease-of-use ( convert to us-ascii, space to underscore )
- gzip if not gzipped

metadata that contributors provided themselves is in: